Our points vs products

By installing the following boilers you'll earn points that can be redeemed against a wide range of fantastic rewards!

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NCB300 Gas Condensing




NCB500 ON Gas Condensing


NCB700 ON Gas Condensing





NCB-Ce Gas System Boiler

20kW System
23kW System
28kW System
33kW System

NCB-Ce Gas Combi Boiler

24kW Combi
28kW Combi
34kW Combi
40kW Combi




LCB Blue Flame Oil 700 Regular Boiler

21kW RS
28kW RS
36kW RS
21kW RSX
28kW RSX
36kW RSX

LCB Blue Flame Oil 700 System Boiler

21kW LS
28kW LS
36kW LS
21kW LSX
28kW LSX
36kW LSX

LCB Blue Flame Oil 700 Combi Boiler

21kW LC
28kW LC
36kW LC
21kW LCX
28kW LCX
36kW LCX



There's loads of rewards to choose from.

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